Prenatal Massage Mississauga - Best Way to Cope With Pregnancy Pains

Prenatal Massage To Combat Pregnancy Pain

While pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in the life of a woman, it can be extremely stressful. Today we will talk about the three most commonly known pregnancy discomforts and ways to deal with them by prenatal massage. In this article, you will find out more about benefits of Prenatal Massage Mississauga and ways to treat even your worst pregnancy pain. So let’s get started.

Top Benefits of Prenatal Massage Mississauga:

1. Lower Back Pain:

When pregnant, it is common to feel pain in the upper or lower back. According to gynecologists, back pain contributes to one of the most common discomforts you will ever experience during your pregnancy. Moreover, due to lower back pain, you can hardly sleep, sit or drive.

What causes back pain?

When you are pregnant, the uterus expands up to 1000 times of the normal size. Moreover, you are carrying the extra weight of the baby which can throw your body off balance. Change in the posture also contributes to strain in the back.

How to treat back pain?

To get rid of back pain or get relief from it, make sure to:

  • Apply heat in the form of a hot water bottle or heating pad. You can even choose to soak yourself in a warm tub to soothe those aching muscles or you can opt for massage therapy.
  • Try to keep the weight gain under the recommended range.
  • Try to avoid putting on any heels or very flat shoes throughout your pregnancy. Instead, choose to go in with comfortable shoes that provide a good arch support.
  • You can even choose to go for a prenatal massage in Mississauga as it will provide relief from back pain.

2. Swelling:

Do your feet look like a basket? Are your fingers swollen and is it becoming difficult to wear your wedding ring? Well, this swelling is common during pregnancy and is known as edema. It generally affects hands, feet, and ankles. Swelling can happen at any time of the day however it generally occurs during the afternoon or in the evening.

What causes swelling?

During pregnancy, a lot of extra fluid starts accumulating in the body. Therefore, it is common to see mild puffiness and approximately 75 percent women develop it. However, if your hands or face is becoming swollen suddenly, make sure to get in touch with your doctor as soon as possible.

How can swelling be prevented?

If you are experiencing swelling in your feet:

  • Try to elevate your legs when sitting. Gravity tends to pull the fluid in your feet and elevating them will help you get rid of the swelling.
  • Avoid wearing heels and choose supportive and comfortable shoes.
  • During warmer months, choose to sit in air-conditioned rooms rather than opting for outdoors.
  • Next, try to avoid salty and fried food as it can help in water retention.
  • Eat fruits which are natural diuretics like asparagus and grapefruit.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

CTS or carpal tunnel syndrome is a pain, tingling, burning or numbness in your fingers, wrist or palm. The pain can radiate up to your arm as well. It generally starts in the second trimester, however, vary from person to person.

What causes CTS?

According to orthopedic surgeons, genetics are responsible for causing CTS however it is not the only reason. Carpal tunnel is a ligament in the wrist which runs through the median nerve. Swelling during pregnancy and water retention put pressure on the carpal tunnel which causes CTS. This can happen on one hand or both.

How to treat CTS with Prenatal Massage Mississauga?

When it comes to treating carpal tunnel syndrome, you can:
  • Talk with your doctor to know more about getting a wrist brace which helps in getting relief from the pain.
  • Try some prenatal massage in Mississauga or try some exercises like the following at home
  • Curl your fingers into a fist and bend the wrist toward the palm. Slowly straighten the fingers and stretch the wrist in other direction. Try doing 10 repetitions at least once a day.
  • If your work involves spending a lot of time on the computer, make sure to take frequent stretching breaks. Also, you can choose to adjust the keyboard or get one with cushioned support to make sure your wrists are not bent.

Being pregnant has its own perks and drawbacks. However, don’t let certain pain pull you down. Make sure to regularly avail prenatal massage from registered massage therapist Mississauga as it will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and stay stress-free during the nine months of your pregnancy. Apart from massage, yoga and deep breathing can also help you relax. To know more get in touch with us massage Mississauga.

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