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Indian Head Massage Brings Plenty of Benefits Along

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to opt for massage Heartland Mississauga. The manual manipulation by kneading or rubbing of the muscles and other soft tissues present in the body works wonder and helps in reducing stress, eliminating tension, relieving pain and even help in curing a number of body ailments.

No matter where the pain and aches are stemming from, there isn’t a lot that a good massage from a professional therapist can’t help with. The health benefits offered by massage are largely due to hundreds of techniques and different styles of massage therapy practiced nowadays. One such style of massage is the head massage.

Indian head massage is perfect for ridding you of the perky tension headache, re-balance the energies, loosen up the stiff and achy shoulders and even help your hairs stay in a happy and healthy shape.You can avail this massage at Massage Heartland Mississauga.

What is Indian Head Massage?

The Indian head massage is a popular technique practiced at Massage Mississauga. This technique involves acupressure in the upper back, neck, shoulders, and head. The primary motive of this massage style is to release muscle knots and tension in the upper body. It encourages better circulation of the cerebral fluid and promotes hair growth. 

Where did it originate?

The Indian head massage is a part of Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu healthcare practiced for over 1000 years in India. Initially invented by women, the head massage is a particular massage style which was used to enhance the scalp and hair health.

Indian head at massage Heartland Mississauga is used in conjunction with various oils such as sesame oil, almond, coconut or olive oil. The massage technique not only helps in keeping the hairs luxurious but also promotes good health and even helped enhance the natural healing power of the body.

Until 1973, the massage style was confined only to India, however, later on, it was promoted in the world. The Indian head massage technique spread to the rest of the world quickly and is a part of the western civilization today.

What to expect from Indian head massage at Massage Heartland Mississauga?

To say that you will feel relaxed after undergoing the head massage is an understatement. Not only does the Indian head massage put you in a serene state of mind, but it also makes you feel light.

  • Mental health

Following the traditional approach, the Indian head massage at Heartland Mississauga works on healing the balance of energies within your body. It focuses on stimulating three specific chakras:

  • Chakras of the throat
  • Crown chakra
  • Chakras of the third eye

Rebalancing the chakras has plenty of positive effects on a person psychologically and spiritually.

  • Physical benefit

The Indian head massage at Heartland Mississauga differs from the other types of massage available to humankind. During this massage, you will be seated upright and will remain fully clothed. The Indian head massage begins with pressure being applied to specific locales around the shoulders and upper back. The massage helps reduce tension in the surrounding muscles and remove any knots that may be present in the muscles.

Benefits of Massage

Apart from feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and amazing, there are plenty of health benefits associated with Indian massage Mississauga . These are:

  • Prevention of a headache

If you are suffering from headaches, migraine attacks or back pain, Indian head massage offers the best solution. The tension in the upper back is seen as one of the biggest culprits of a migraine and backache. Therefore by targeting the tight muscles in the body and by encouraging better circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, you can easily get rid of tightness.

  • Improved sleep quality

The Indian head massage at Heartland Mississauga target mental and physical stress thus gives you a chance to cope up with them. By removing muscular discomfort, fluid circulation throughout the brain and by promoting relaxation, the massage helps your body to heal.

  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

Head massage helps in increasing and revitalizing the circulation of oxygen through the brain. It increases the oxygen flow and helps regain proper chemical balance to maintain healthy mental state. The head massage encourages higher oxygen flow to the brain, lift your mood and effectively reduce mental and physical symptoms which are caused by depression and anxiety.

  • Detoxify the body

As opposed to other massage techniques, Indian head massage stimulates and improves lymphatic drainage and blood flow. The lymphatic system is responsible for removing damaged cells, waste products and bacteria from the body’s tissue. Thus by encouraging better circulation, the efficiency and effectiveness of the body to get rid of the waste substance are increased.

Indian head massage comes with plenty of benefits. To avail the benefits, book a massage at massage Mississauga today!

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